Covid-19: Cornwall Council renews call to run Test and Trace, also asking for more handouts

Posted By on 1st November 2020

By Anne North Cornwall Council has renewed its call for a larger role in the Covid-19 “Test and Trace” programme, as the only solution to the Coronavirus crisis - ahead…

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  1. We could thin out the C 19 at once, if we shut down all the huge disgusting supermarkets, who are the ones who are spreading the disease. I am informed that they have children running around the building like wild things and touching everything that they can. Of course parents of today do not know how to control children at all. So it is not local shops that should be being punished. If we do not shut down these evil supermarkets the situation will get worse. The public have been brain washed into having to go to a supermarket, and not a proper shop. So as to make a few people very rich.

  2. Cornwall Council is not fit for purpose, everything they have links with bleeds money. They own Corserv, Tremorvah industries & Cormac, all profit making companies. Shut Newquay airport to passenger traffic.

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