Covid-19 confirmed at Penryn university campus

Posted By on 25th September 2020

By Richard Whitehouse The University of Exeter has confirmed that it has had a number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 at its Cornwall campus. In a statement issued on social…

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  1. Today one hears and reads such rubbish about young adults not being able to survive without being with their parents. What utter rubbish. For thousands of years people at the age of fourteen were put to work, proper work, and very often this was no where near their parents or any family.
    How did the children, actual children, who were sent hundreds of miles away, in the last main war, and dumped on people who did not actually want them, but had to put up with it. How did all the young people who were sent to work on the land, and sent into the forces at sixteen, how did they all survive. My generation went to work when we were fifteen, did not matter who we were, the country needed us all to be employed. Time to rid our country of these useless universities, and put the youth of today back to ACTUAL work.
    The only people who are gaining from what is happening today is the bankers, not the badly educated youth of today.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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