Covid-19: Can the “Pillar 2” testing regime explain why Cornwall’s seven-day average is holding steady?

Posted By on 16th October 2020

By Anne North The apparent decline in Cornwall’s Covid-19 infection in recent weeks could be linked to the testing regime.  The latest data published by Public Health Cornwall shows a…

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  1. This is a very confusing article. I think perhaps the author is referring to pillar one and two, not tiers. And it’s hard to understand which facilities the author says are making a positive difference here. The article seems to suggest ‘private’ companies whereas my understanding is that it’s local NHS and county council test and trace that are helping to keep covid at a manageable level working alongside the private Sirco test & trace (commonly called the NHS test & trace).

    • Thanks, Pam – you are quite right and the article has now been corrected to replace “Tier” with “Pillar.” Apologies for this error, and any confusion. The point of the article is to illustrate how Pillar 1 testing (local) has reduced while reliance on Pillar 2 (national, private) has increased, and to ask if this might explain why Cornwall’s daily test results are not rising in line with other parts of the country. Without adequate testing there is no way of knowing the true rate of infection.

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