County Hall to consider “hybrid” meetings in a bid to strengthen democracy

Posted By on 22nd September 2020

By Graham Smith Cornwall councillors have approved a call to investigate how they can hold  “hybrid” meetings similar to those used by MPs in the Houses of Parliament. Councillors currently…

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  1. My Councillor in South East Cornwall has been asking for years for hybrid meetings to enable less time travelling 2 hours to Truro and 2 hours back and more time doing their council work!

    We all know what the internet is like in Cornwall, hit and miss, and it’s true not everyone has the equipment. However, it has felt that CC has been dragging its feet on this issue, not accepting that attending meetings is not equal as some councillors are spread far out geographically.

    Well done CC then for the encouragement to hold hybrid meetings as standard. Better for your councillors, especially those who are at the extreme east and west, saving lots of car-related air pollution and enabling more time to be spent doing actual council work rather than sitting in traffic jams.

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