Council takes the money and runs, slashing services to protect bills

Posted By on 7th February 2018

7th February 2018 By Anne North Cornwall Council’s Lib Dem-Independent cabinet set out its political priorities today (Wednesday) when it decided to reduce council tax bills by 1% rather than…

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  1. They haven’t even taken on the NHS commissioning yet but are already slashing services – how does that work!! Cutting down on health visitors and district nurses is such a false economy. As an ex health visitor I can say that, when the profession had autonomy (not recently when it was reduced to box ticking and form filling) it was a force for good. And if there is going to more care in the home fir vulnerable groups it must be supervised by a district nurse, who can monitor a patient’s condition. I really fear for the health service under Ms Kennally.

  2. … but the reduction in services, even though we could have raised Council Tax, blame all of that on the Tories. But £6 million to a private stadium developer, for an asset that we will have no equity in … that is in irrelevant point when we are discussing Tory bashing … la la la … Tories … Paynter and gang need to get off their high fences and take ownership of the decisions that they are making. Yes, Central Government funding is restricted, it’s painful, but Central Government is not making any one of the decisions that Paynter is making, so he cannot blame them for it.

  3. This is a very one sided and illogical argument from Paynter:

    “A fairer funding model could deliver an extra £39million for Cornwall every year – that’s an extra £71 for every resident.”

    An alternative fairer funding model would be to reduce by £39 million for every authority that gets more than Cornwall. All authorities then get the same (through cuts) that’s very fair and equitable, but won’t deliver the £39 million promised by Paynter.

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