Council officials and stadium backers make their final pitch for votes worth £3 million

Posted By on 11th April 2018

11th April 2018 By Graham Smith Cornwall councillors appear to be increasingly divided over whether to give £3 million of taxpayers’ money to a stadium for Truro. A special briefing…

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  1. I think Bob Egerton’s comments are ridiculous. Aside from the fact the the council is having trouble fulfilling its care of the elderly responsibilities, I should have thought that keeping libraries open, not flogging off county farms and holdings should be higher on the list of priorities than a stadium in the wrong place. And I thnk any councillor around Truro and Kenwyn will also face a backlash if they vote in favour of the funding. The people of Truro and Threemilestone have more reason that others not to want this on their doorstep. I don’t know why anyone thinks otherwise – we have been clear from the start.

  2. I note that Nigel Blackler, whilst producing a list of stadia that have received financial backing from
    individual Councils and Government, does not note whether these taxpayer inputs have achieved the desired results for the taxpayers. How about adding to the list The London Stadium; an example of a complete failure with taxpayers money and very much ongoing.

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