Cornwall’s world class mining engineering course, once run by the Camborne School of Mines, fears it is now “game over”

Posted By on 3rd September 2020

By Rashleigh MacFarlane Cornwall’s world-class mining engineering degree course is to be “paused” with no new students admitted next year. The move, by the University of Exeter, has sparked fears…

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  1. The Sowsnecks should never have been aloud to take over our unique mining engineering university. The best on the planet.
    Exeter university should be thrown out of our country of Kernow at once.
    Why have the Sowsnecks been permitted to take over our facilities in the first place.
    They have taken over our Konsel Kernow as well. We Kernewek must wake up and deal with this bad situation. NOW.
    Elizabeth Hawken

  2. This famous institution should continue its excellent work. Where are the Cornwall Councillors of all political persuasions to defend and promote its continuance? There is enough “cash” swilling around County Hall to lend additional support to this essential educational tradition. I note that the Government is investing a substantial sum of money in future lithium mining in Cornwall.

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