Cornwall’s Tories continue to feud over their HQ’s “back Chequers” Brexit campaign

Posted By on 3rd December 2018

3rd December 2018 By Graham Smith Cornwall’s Conservatives are continuing their bitter civil war over Brexit as their party’s HQ has launched a campaign to appeal over the heads of…

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  1. I have already asked my MP to resign as a minster and to send a letter asking for a leadership contest. No response shameful!

  2. It should be noted that Cornwall Chamber of Commerce have some 240 members, who were not asked whether they supported Mrs May’s deal. The letter from Kim Conchie was based on “anecdotal research” whatever that is. I meet very many businesses and our network has over 8,700 member businesses in Cornwall. When I talk to them, remainers want to remain and brexitors want to leave on WTO rules and negotiate our future from there. I have found not one, who has voiced support for the “May Deal”. I don’t think Cornwall Chamber of Commerce are in touch with their members wishes.

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