Cornwall’s taxpayers forced to give £50 million “cashback” to second-home owners because of Covid-19

Posted By on 25th April 2020

By Richard Whitehouse Holiday home owners have claimed £50 million of the grants which were made available for small businesses in Cornwall to survive during the Coronavirus crisis. The startling…

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  1. Richard – I don’t know if you read the comments but another issue is the “unclaimed” grants. Those businesses that were not set up correctly but qualify for SBRR have to update their details, apply for the SBRR in their name then apply for the grant. In other words weekly Holiday Lets would all be set up correctly so as to avoid paying Council Tax but small businesses – especially those with high Turnover rates like restaurants – have to go through this more lengthy process – proving tenure, providing bills etc… They should have been set up correctly of course, but many businesses and employers find themselves in this position – me included. I run a tiny venture with 1 FTE and have now got through the first two stages and await my corrected bill so I can apply. The Council folks on the phone have been absolutely fantastic by the way – very professional and helpful. One told me that there are whole industrial estates unaccounted for……..

  2. This really is quite unbelievable!
    I am one of about 90 small businesses spread across 3 innovation centres in Cornwall. The Land Lord is Cornwall County Council.
    All of us pay our rates through our rent and as such, are denied the £10K small business grant. Furthermore, there has been no concession on our rent which many private landlords have offered their tenants.

    I have no objections to those who have 2nd homes but, it beggars belief that £50 Million pounds should be paid out to them when the priority surely is to ensure that all small businesses receive a small business grant as the Government had intended.
    This grant was given for a reason and to have it denied because of the method by which your landlord stipulates the way you pay your rates, is as damaging as it is absurd.

  3. The Westminster Swamp is taking the piss out of our country of Kernow. They firmly believe that we Kernewek are just peasants to be milked and plundered. It is time we took charge of our own country and kicked these crooks out of our Kernow. So we can house our own people, in the properties that these crooks have stolen from us. And, are still stealing everything that they can from us. Roll on the day when our mines are re opened, that will get rid of the Westminster swamp crooks.
    They all deserve to go to hell.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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