Cornwall’s shell fishing industry now looks back with fond nostalgia to the days when membership of the European Union made life so much easier

Posted By on 12th January 2021

By Richard Youle and Julia Penhaligon The European Union trade deal is less than two weeks old but is already causing serious problems for Cornwall’s fishermen. The shell fishing sector,…

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  1. It should have been obvious to all, as to what was going to happen. The EU masters will do anything to try and punish the UK for daring to get away from their clutches. Remember they have lost £22 billion per year, which is going to hurt the EU. This country has to stand our ground. Why are the French still stealing our property??

  2. This was no surprise to anybody apart from those who were going to suffer most from Brexit. The immediate priority, however, is damage limitation. What can be done to alleviate this disaster? I simply don’t know.

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