Cornwall’s plan for Covid-19 economic recovery is more of the same

Posted By on 6th October 2020

By Graham Smith Cornwall Council is preparing to put its weight behind plans to turn the county into one of Britain’s first formal “tourism zones” – enjoying government support to…

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  1. I agree with Val. I am afraid that the swamp in London has completely lost the plot. Why is it that Spain and Grease are bankrupt, and Germany is very rich?? Answer, Germany has kept its industries, and up graded them. Governments in this country over the last fifty years have become lazier and lazier they do not wish any person to actually work. Industry means hard physical work, they have trained the youth just to play with computers, so we have lost most of our heavy industry, which actually made this country a lot of money.
    I long to see our mines in Kernow re open, and we can rid ourselves of the useless tourists.
    Elizabeth Hawken

  2. Having read just recently of the 3 million visitors to Cornwall after the 4th July and then a report of the deaths in Cornwall due to poor air quality to read about turning Cornwall into a Tourism Zone smacks of insanity. We came out of lockdown to spend sometime in the natural beauty of our home County to be immediately awash with visitors from all over the UK, vulnerable people were again trapped in their homes. The Cornwall I have known and loved is ceasing to exist as we jostle for space to breath.
    And now this.

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