Cornwall’s new “Kennally Care” health system wants to set its own standards with “self-regulation”

Posted By on 6th August 2018

6th August 2018 By Anne North Cornwall’s health chiefs, long plagued by a series of severely critical reports from assorted watchdogs, have come up with what they believe is an…

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  1. I understand that the more money the consultants saved, the more they were paid. These people don’t deserve to sleep at night!!!

    • Rumour has it that they will gain £4 million if they are successful in saving £70 million from the adult social care budget.

  2. I read all this with increasing despair. As retired nurse, I know that nursing, medicine, surgery, physiotherapy and other health practices are complex mixtures of science, art, humanity and sheer common sense. These bureaucrats are turning it into something corporate, impersonal, inhumane and they have no bloody idea how a healthcare system should work and wouldn’t know a patient if they fell over one. Add to that the chance that Virgin, Boots or other tax dodging, incompetent, uncaring business could get to cherry pick the ‘easy’
    bits then I suggest we all keep ourselves very healthy and look out for our vulnerable citizens, because our beloved NHS is about to be trashed.

    • I agree the whole concept of Person Centred care will be lost if our healthcare ends up in the hands of civil servants. CC just recently commissioned consultants to advise on how to save money on adult social care and were advised to cut 50 front line jobs! If they are commissioning and taking this sort of advice they are not fit to run a bath, let alone our health service.

  3. I had thought Professor Ted Baker and his team of highly experienced health professionals were going to hand-hold Cornwall through improvements. Now it seems like a civil servant, with no experience in healthcare and a record of dodgy decision making whilst heading a ever more bankrupt council is heading towards undertaking that role on a self regulated basis. Fills me full of confidence (NOT).

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