Cornwall’s MPs all voted against the “no deal Brexit” amendment last night

Posted By on 9th January 2019

By Graham Smith

All six of Cornwall’s MPs were on the losing side of last night’s Brexit vote in the House of Commons.

The six Conservatives all voted against an amendment to the Finance Bill which requires ministers to seek Parliamentary approval before embarking on a “no deal” Brexit.

Sheryll Murray, Scott Mann, Steve Double, Sarah Newton, George Eustice and Derek Thomas might have different positions on Brexit, and on the Prime Minister’s “deal,” but last night they were all on the same side - against the Labour-inspired amendment - as the government went down 303 – 296.

A total of 20 Conservative MPs voted against the government.  Although last night’s vote does not make a “no deal” Brexit impossible, it does make it more difficult and sends a clear signal to Downing Street that it cannot simply “run down the clock” towards the 29th March deadline.


Mr Mann later Tweeted: “It appears this evening that there are some Conservatives who would rather sink the ship than dock it in a different port. In the event of a World Trade Brexit it is absolutely imperative that the Govt can cut taxes, and it should.”