Cornwall’s “informal” Kennally Care and the quest for a new, user-friendly form of words to describe an Option 7 future for the NHS

Posted By on 16th March 2018

16th March 2018 By Graham Smith The prospect of Cornwall Council taking over the National Health Service will be re-evaluated next week once County Hall officials have settled on a…

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  1. Whatever gobbledegook they concoct the devil, as always, is in the detail. So long as they don’t adopt the single budget which is a set pot of money for five years and don’t take over commissioning from the CCG we will have to wait and see. Hopefully the business plan will find its way into the public domain. The agenda will still be brutal cuts and closures and private contracts, all of which we have to fight as residents of this beautiful county.

      • They have said the business plan will be presented at the cabinet meeting on March 28. They should publish it as well.

        • I feel that as a Cornish resident, I should have a say in this and it is not all about a business plan. Money is important but the biggest issue is care. I feel very uncomfortable with the Council running the NHS in Cornwall in preference to NHS England.

          • You are abslutely right. It is about care and the NHS service in Cornwall.
            However one way to bring accountability to the process is by detailed examination of the business plan. It probably includes privatisation and closure of community hospitals as well as funding arrangements. Who is getting funding from where is vital. The council were going to accept the five year fixed payment funding which is the subject of the judicial review from 999. Also what happens when the money runs out.
            Unfortunately the care we get will depend very much on the business plan which intends to implement the STP which was rejected by the people in 2016 and the consultation was then cherry picked and lies added to provide a false report to the council from its own reporting department. The whole process stinks.

  2. Good to see that the elected councillors still , just, have a say in how Cornwall Health Care is organised

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