Cornwall’s fishing and farming sectors find that the future has arrived, and it’s not what was expected

Posted By on 24th March 2020

By Julia Penhaligon

It seems like only yesterday that the only thing on the news was Brexit.  But now the Covid-19 crisis is forcing a re-evaluation of food supply chains, as panic buyers strip supermarket shelves and global import and export businesses grind to a halt.

Cornwall’s fishing and farming industries came under the national spotlight this morning on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today programme, as it focussed on the Camel Community Supported Agriculture project and on the collapse in fish prices.

Such is the demand, the Wadebridge-based CSA venture now has a waiting list for customers.  Meanwhile some


fishermen, particularly crabbers, are looking for ways to encourage local consumers to change their dietary habits, now that their daily catch can no longer go for export.