Cornwall’s Euro poll by percentages – a clear win for anti-European parties

Posted By on 27th May 2019

By Graham Smith An analysis of how Cornwall voted in the Euro elections last night reveals a continuing hostility to membership of the European Union. Pro-Brexit parties polled 52%, while…

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  1. It is a mistake to assume that this election was a dry run for a euro referendum. Personally I voted green as the only party with any slight eco-credentials, but I would almost certainly vote to leave the EU if asked directly. I know several others with the same point of view.
    Whilst green political activists might be mostly in favour of remain, a significant proportion of green voters would probably vote to leave the irredeemably growth orientated EU. So I suspect you are under-counting the leave proportion.
    The same may well be true of some LD voters (at least those who understand that ecology trumps politics)

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