Cornwall’s economy faces a double-plus-ungood future, after Covid-19

Posted By on 14th July 2020

By Richard Whitehouse Councillors have criticised a report setting out how Cornwall Council wants to lead the Duchy’s recovery from Covid-19 with one councillor saying it was “Orwellian”. A draft…

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  1. Has any of these people ever heard of OVER POPULATION? We need to first know how many people actually live in the UK. Then bring the population down to a livable size. Kernow needs to rid itself of most if not all second home owners, and most of the useless so called holiday industry. The Spanish love it so let the over paid Soswsnecks go there and waste their money. And, stop using us Kernewek as their slaves. We need to get our mines re opened, as soon as we can. So as we can get real wages for real jobs once again.

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