Cornwall’s Covid-19 hospital death toll reaches 50

Posted By on 16th April 2020

By Graham Smith

The number of Covid-19 deaths in Cornwall’s hospitals has now reached 50, after a further three were recorded at Helston and another one at the Royal Cornwall, Truro.

Helston community hospital, which has been turned into a palliative care unit, has now seen a total of eight deaths and the RCHT 42.

Gloucestershire remains the worst affect South West NHS Trust, with 105 deaths so far.

Public Health Cornwall again defended its policy of not monitoring deaths in care homes, beyond an eventual analysis of data supplied by the Office for National Statistics.

PHC director Rachel Wigglesworth told reporters today (Thursday) it was “not appropriate” to pursue care homes for data on a daily basis but promised that the sharp increase in the latest ONS number for “all deaths” would eventually be examined as part of the overall surveillance monitoring.