Cornwall to pioneer new definition of “affordable” housing based on local incomes

Posted By on 20th November 2018

20th November 2018 By Julia Penhaligon Officials at Cornwall Council are working on a plan to introduce a new definition of “affordable housing” to replace the widely discredited “80% of…

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  1. Well this is a start. Personally, I would like to see council housing back, through whatever door they like. We have both a housing and a land crisis on this country. We cannot keep building just for developers to make a profit. We need good quality homes for local people, who will contribute to the local community. Not houses way out of the reach of most people that create urban sprawl, destroy our countryside and are just investment opportunities. And anything that alarms developers has to be a good thing.

  2. They should trial a new policy on “local” I would suggest a line is drawn 20 miles east of the Tamar. Nowhere east of that line should qualify. This does not include Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol or London!

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