Cornwall to bid for “freeport” tax haven status?

Posted By on 20th February 2020

By Graham Smith Cornwall could be one of the first places in the UK to become a “freeport,” following the launch of a new government consultation. New chancellor Rishi Sunak,…

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  1. One thing which would happen is that local companies with the freedom to move would relocate to Newquay – or wherever the zone is. Thus it’s not clear what the benefit will be for the rest of the County. Almost certainly there will be one of those freeports around Bristol because that’s where one of Johnson’s biggest backers is based.

  2. Sustainable businesses have sound products or services that add value. They should choose their location because of better reasons than the tax breaks available. If this is the only reason that attracts them, they are just as likely to leave if something better comes along. Building on sand.

  3. That is just totally obscene. There are enough tax dodging thieves in the world, which we have to put up with in our High Streets – Philip Green, HBBC, Starbucks!! And why is the LEP to manage this not an elected body! I believe this concept was popular in the developing world in the 80s/90s and there were no labour rights of environmental regulations in those.

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