Cornwall Reports is now available on a pay-as-you-go basis

Cornwall Reports now sports a green tab on the top left of each page of our site – a new way to access the best quality journalism in Cornwall.  The service is provided by Axate – an easy way to pay-per-article and support Cornwall Reports.

Just over two years ago Cornwall Reports became the first local news website in Britain to insist that journalism has value – and we put the future of what we do firmly in the hands of our readers.

With no annoying adverts, pop-ups or data acquisition on our news pages, we have continued to serve a steady diet of hard-hitting exclusives and investigations.  If you want to know what’s really going on in Cornwall, you have to read Cornwall Reports – and that’s worth paying for.

Our annual subscriptions have held steady at £30, which works out at less than 9 pence per day.  Cornwall Reports is updated throughout the day.

Now, though, we have a new way for you to stay informed – while offering you even more control over what you read.

Cornwall Reports is now available on a pay-as-you-go basis – at just 20 pence per article, and a maximum of £1.00 per week.  That means that if you read 5 articles in a week, you can read the whole site for free for the rest of the week .

Cornwall Reports is teaming up with Axate to allow readers to view premium content without having to sign up for a subscription.

How do I pay?

When you first view a paid-for article on the Cornwall Reports website, you will see instructions guiding you through the simple process of setting up an Axate account.

This short and hassle-free procedure takes no longer than two minutes to complete and requires minimal personal data (to set up an account you will need to enter your name and email address).

Then, top up your wallet (a minimum top-up is £3) and off you go.

I'm already a subscriber... do I have to pay again?

If you subscribe to Cornwall Reports, just make sure you’re logged in – you won’t be asked to pay again.  If you’re not sure how to log in, just scroll down the page until you see the log in section on the right hand side of the page.

Which is cheaper, paying per article or a subscription to Cornwall Reports?

This depends on your reading preferences, but if you think you are likely to read more than five articles per week it is probably cheaper to take out a subscription.  Each article is 20p, and if a reader hits the £1.00 cap (five articles) in a seven-day period the remainder of the week is free.

If you’re an avid reader and want to read every article posted on the website, then an annual subscription will work out cheaper. You decide.

To subscribe to Cornwall Reports, click here.  The subscription button is top left.

Can I read other publications with my Axate wallet?

Yes – Agate is also supporting a stable of thoughtful, quality titles, such as The New European, The Cricketer,, Complete France and Popbitch.  Many more are coming soon.

Once I’ve paid for an article, can I re-read it?

Once you’ve paid to read an article, you can re-read it as often as you like.

What’s the green tab on the side of the page?

If you are registered with Axate, when you click on the green tab, it will open your Axate wallet.  It will show you your Axate balance, the price per article, and how many premium articles you have read that week. You can also access your account page from the settings menu.

Why has Cornwall Reports decided to move in this direction?

The publishing industry has wrestled with the problem of digital content for many years.

At Cornwall Reports we believe that high-quality journalism merits being paid for, regardless of the platform on which it sits.  We are extremely proud of our content and wish to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

That said, we understand that not everyone can afford subscriptions, and those that can may want to try out what they are signing up for before doing just that.

It is up to us, therefore, to make it easy for you to pay for Cornwall Reports and the Axate model - an exciting and forward-thinking idea in the world of digital media - offers exactly that opportunity.

Can I use the Agate wallet to pay for any existing archive content on Cornwall Reports?

No. You can use the search function to track down any article you want, but archive content posted before 25th February 2019 will be available only to subscribers.  The minimum subscription, however, is only £1 for a week’s access.

How do I get in touch?

If we haven't answered your question or you want to get in touch, please do. Send an email to  If you’re having a problem setting up or using your Axate wallet, please email

“Why did Agate change its name to Axate? Is it the same thing?”

Our payment partner, Axate, changed from its previous name (Agate) at the same time as it launched in the USA. The reason was because of trademarks. The service and the company providing it remain exactly the same and your wallet will continue to work exactly as it did before. For more information please go to their website at