Cornwall not sure what it thinks about wheelie-bins

Posted By on 21st May 2018

21st May 2018 By Richard Whitehouse Plans to provide every home with a wheelie bin for their rubbish and to collect black bag waste fortnightly and recycling weekly have been…

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  1. The system in Surrey (five years ago) had recycling in one wheelie bin (all of it together) collected every two weeks, and rubbish in another wheelie bin also collected every two weeks, alternating with the recycling. Food waste was collected every week, using a two caddy system, a small one in the kitchen for convenience and a larger one outside. There was never a problem with food smells.
    Our recycling bin usually had more in it than the rubbish bin, but not having to sort and store in four separate recycling containers made it very easy. Moving to one recycling container could have the biggest impact on recycling rates here in Cornwall.

    • This is the standard system adopted by most councils, it was the same in Devon, Somerset and Dorset. I notice that the recycling rates at the local tips is pretty low as well.

  2. Having lived in Somerset, Devon and Dorset, Cornwall is a disgrace when it comes to recycling. The bag system is overcomplicated and uses half our garage floor, I am surprised anyone bothers at all, in fact some of our neighbours don’t.

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