Cornwall has more water now than at the same time last year – but there is no cause for celebration

Posted By on 4th June 2023

By Rashleigh MacFarlane

Cornwall’s main reservoir has gained marginally more water In the past week, despite the hot dry weather, because of South West Water’s continuing abstraction from rivers and lakes.

Wildlife experts, and anglers, have warned that this plundering of natural resources is unsustainable without risking an environmental catastrophe.  Much of the water is being taken from the Tamar Lakes, with consent from the Environment Agency, which licences abstractions.

South West Water is now asking the government for permission to make some temporary abstraction licences permanent  rather than invest in the necessary infrastructure to meet demand.

The most recent SWW data for Colliford reservoir shows it is now at 69.7% capacity, up from 69.6% the previous week.

This means that technically Cornwall has slightly more water in its reservoirs than at the same time last year.

But there still seems little chance that the hosepipe ban which has been in place since August will be lifted anytime soon.

In April government scientists warned that England was only one dry spell away from having to declare another drought.  The weather forecast for the coming week shows little or no rain for Cornwall.

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  1. It’s only when SWW’s actions are criminalised that maybe their shareholders might wake up and force the management to change their ways. Oftwat must set charge caps to ensure the company do not offset any real investment by charging customers, for their historical failures.

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