Cornwall for Europe claims “victory” in South West Euro elections

Posted By on 28th May 2019

By Graham Smith Cornwall for Europe, the campaigners for a People's Vote in a new Brexit referendum, have claimed the EU election results show their campaign won the South West…

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  1. I think these figures are reversed; BrexitUK is elsewhere reported to have polled 40.8% itself, so when UKIP’s 3.5% is added they have 44%!

    HtH – Steve

  2. It seems Emmanuelle Brook didn’t bother to read her ballot paper. We were electing MEPs for as long as we remain stuck in the EU.
    A vote for Green is NOT a vote to remain in the EU, it was a vote to have elected representatives who understand ecology and that never-ending economic “growth” is simply not possible and needs to be ended as soon as possible.

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