Cornwall Council votes 66-34 to spend £12 million on Newquay spaceport, as protestors watch in dismay

Posted By on 26th November 2019

By Graham Smith Cornwall councillors today (Tuesday) voted 66-34, with one abstention, to commit £12 million towards building and operating a spaceport at Newquay. Hundreds of Extinction Rebellion climate change…

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  1. 100 Councillors voted, 1 abstained, where were the other 22? If they can’t attend meetings, and are fit, they should resign! Who were they?

    • I have asked the council for the official voting record, together with the list of those (about 18) who sent apologies.

  2. When social care is excellent and there is a coherent rubbish collection strategy and public toilets are open in strategic locations and there are houses for lower paid workers that actually are affordable… Then and only then should they think about this vanity project that will according to their own blurb have 8 managers to three actual ground staff on actual air side work… That is obviously a sign of things to come

  3. How they can declare a Climate Emergency and then spend shedloads of public money on a project that will result in the release of unnecessary carbon. On the very day the UN warned that we are on course for a 3 degree temperature rise. And why are we giving money to a billionaire tax exile with a very poor record in organisation. I hope they will explain in person to every elderly person who is denied care and every child who does not get an allocated social worker when they are vulnerable!!

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