Cornwall Council urged to make both second homes and holiday lets require a “change of use” planning consent

Posted By on 28th November 2018

28th November 2018 By Rashleigh MacFarlane Local communities in Cornwall should be able to insist on a “change of use” planning application to help control the growth of second homes…

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  1. This seems totally impractical.
    Like many other people, we bought our house in Cornwall 18 months before we were able to move down her permanently. Although we knew we would eventually move down, the state of the market meant we could not leave it until the last minute. In such a situation, would we need planning consent for second home use for the interim period? What would happen if it was refused? And if it was granted, would we then need planning consent to return it to our main residence? And might that also be refused, on grounds of loss of tourist accommodation?

  2. The whole housing policy is up the creek. Thatcher flogged off council houses and turned us into a property owning democracy and now this government bases housing numbers on spurious things but, in reality, to please big developers, who also fund their political party. The fact is they second homes are a blight on local communities, leaving them dead in winter, and meaning that local pubs, schools, shops, churches etc can’t survive.

  3. What is the definition of 2nd home?

    I for example have a home where I work and a home in Penzance. The home in Penzance is not used by me as a second home nor is it a short term holiday let. It is rented out to a local person on a long term basis. A lot of locals rely on landlords to rent them affordable homes. We have already been hit with higher stamps duty and we pay council tax even when the unit is empty and no local resources are being used.

    Laws need to be specific and not general.

    Depending on the outcome it will make me consider buying a third property to rent out. That might make it available to a first time buyer though, but what about people who can only afford to rent a home?

  4. We should adopt the Spanish method.
    You have to have a license to holiday let if you don’t the fines are 20,000 to 30,000 euros you have to submit quarterly accounts and pay tax quarterly and you have to collect tourist tax and pay that to the government also.
    Normal council taxes stay the same but no discounts for winter and non use.

  5. No Councillors with second homes should be debating this, never mind voting. Everyone should follow St Ives NDP.

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