Cornwall Council taking over the NHS? It’s more of a partnership, says the Doctor leading the revolution

Posted By on 12th December 2017

12th December 2017 By Graham Smith Details of Cornwall Council’s plans to take over the National Health Service are to be discussed for the first time in public next week.…

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  1. Iain Chorlton’s description is all very ‘jargony’ and full of acronyms. There may always have been a theoretical divide between those who purchase and provide care in the NHS but it was ALWAYS public providers and not overly complicated by bureaucracy. The patient was always the focus. The introduction of the ‘internal’ market started the rot and now we have plenty of private providers doing the low risk, low nursing care stuff. This will just get worse under the new regime if it happens. It is a Trojan horse to get the tories’ privatization aspiration through. I can imagine the likes of Boots (who do not pay tax in the U.K.) and Virgin champing at the bit to grab the hernias, knee replacements and cataracts, leaving the ruptured aneurysms, COPD, complex mental health issues and end of life care to an overworked and underfunded public sector.

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