Cornwall Council leader charged taxpayers £9,240 for driving his electric car to work

Posted By on 27th September 2018

27th September 2018 By Graham Smith Cornwall Council leader Adam Paynter costs taxpayers nearly £50,000 a year, according to the latest return of members’ allowances and expenses. All 123 members…

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  1. Although fuel costs for electric cars are lower than for petrol/diesel, the total running costs are higher due to high depreciation caused by motor manufacturers pricing policies. Cornwall Council is entirely justified in paying the same mileage rate and if the council leader is doing 23,000 miles a year in the course of his duties he is justified in claiming it.

  2. the taxpayers feeding the rich, its time for change. Its disgusting and the powers to be should resign immediately before an investigation is forth coming.

  3. It seems like all the Lib Dem’s have their noses in the trough. Shame on them all they don’t care about Cornwall only about what they can pocket. Disgusting waste of taxes payers money.

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