Cornwall Council insists its spaceport deal with Branson will create jobs

Posted By on 16th July 2018

16th July 2018 By Graham Smith Cornwall Council last night insisted that it’s “spaceport” deal with Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit will create 480 jobs within ten years, despite the tycoon’s…

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  1. Agree with K Oliver remarks above, Perhaps C.C could get the businessman to pay his un paid taxes and hand back his knighthood.

  2. I think the Wave Hub is a victim of lack of money put into r and d for Wave technology. The government prefers to chuck its money at unsustainable energy sources like nuclear and fracking. The wave hub was doomed to failure from day 1. I would infinitely prefer public to be spent on that than spaceports and Branson.

  3. Cornwall could have a thriving renewable energy sector – supplying our own needs and exporting to the rest of the region. We excel at engineering and food production, including artisan foods. We have lots of SMEs with incredibly imaginative enterprises. We have creative industries. Why are we courting Branson who, despite being a billionaire, doesn’t hesitate to take public money and sue health authorities if they have the temerity not to give Virgin Health contracts. Who is making these decisions on our behalf – I suspect our local members don’t get much say in this!!

    • It is not the elected members who run the council, but the officers. There are a catalogue of failures which are / were going to transform the Cornish economy brought forward over the years by these people. This could very well be an addition to that list. Poorly researched, no business plan, vanity project. We should concentrate efforts on supporting what we already have.

    • Wave Hub was a poorly researched vanity project, with no proven technology or economic outcomes. The only thing we learn from history, is that we don’t learn from history.

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