Cornwall Council dodges scrutiny and scraps cabinet meeting, blaming 10 days of national mourning

Posted By on 12th September 2022

By Graham Smith

Cornwall Council has, after all, scrapped Wednesday’s cabinet meeting – dodging awkward questions about Newquay’s museum of military aircraft, plans for a mayoralty and curious loans to other councils.

The council says it is suspending its normal democratic scrutiny because of the 10 days of national mourning following last week’s death of The Queen.

A County Hall statement said the meeting would be rescheduled “to a date in the near future.”

Council leader, Conservative councillor Linda Taylor, said the decision had been taken “after discussion” with other group leaders – but she did not say if all of the other group leaders had supported the suspension.

“Although the work of Cornwall Council has not stopped, it feels inappropriate to hold a cabinet meeting during a period of national morning (sic),” said councillor Taylor’s statement.  “We will reschedule the meeting as quickly as possible, and will inform everyone of the new date as soon as possible.”

Next week’s full council meeting, scheduled for Tuesday 20th September, will also be delayed – but only by 24 hours, and is now due to take place at 10.30am on Wednesday 21st September.

The timing of the announcement is odd, given that talk of scrapping this week’s meetings began to spread through County Hall last week.

It now looks particularly perverse given the decision of St Ives festival organisers to go ahead with a two-week music and arts event.

It is possible that with the Liberal Democrats cancelling their own party conference, the Tory-controlled council considered it could not be blamed for shutting down debate at County Hall.

In 2020 the then Liberal Democrat-Independent administration used the Covid crisis to avoid meetings and shut down democracy.

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  1. So long as decisions are NOT made during this period then that’s fine and respectful. If, however, the so called officers make any decision during this period and avoid elected member debate then there should be a full and in depth investigation!

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