Cornwall Council considers a digital future without cash

Posted By on 3rd April 2018

3rd April 2018 By Anne North Cornwall Council is contemplating a future without cash, embarking on a project which could eventually force residents to find alternative means of paying their…

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  1. Presumably parking meters at Council owned car parks are also “”council sites.” Currently you (usually) put the money in and take the ticket … digital only will cause all sorts of queues and hold ups … and if they want to go all digital then perhaps the Councillors can giv it a go first … and stop having 250+ page paper agendas for all their meetings. Lead by example and the resistance to following will be greatly reduced …

    And yes, cash is legal tender, they are not allowed to refuse it and then punish you for having no other means of payment. Bring it on!

  2. Cash is legal tender, it cannot be refused as payment. They would have a very weak case to prosecute anyone who offered to pay in cash and it was refused

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