Cornwall can expect an extra 7,000 vulnerable adults needing social care by 2030

Posted By on 29th November 2018

29th November 2018 By Richard Whitehouse An extra 7,000 people will enter Cornwall’s care sector by 2030, a council committee heard yesterday (Wednesday.)  The cabinet member responsible for adult social…

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  1. If we want people to enter the care sector they must be valued. I think it is time to bring it all back to the public sector and have a proper alliance with the NHS and for all care to be supervised by a District Nurse. That way, quality is assured, workers get proper mentoring and a career path, and we stop all this nonsense of capping the time per patient. It really bugs me that people make a profit out of the car sector – people like Branson. When are we going to start treating our vulnerable citizens properly, not as cases, clients, people who’s care can be skimped!!

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