Cornish bid to breed birds of prey – to race in the United Arab Emirates

Posted By on 29th May 2018

29th May 2018 By Richard Whitehouse A falcon breeding business is looking to expand so that it can supply birds to a lucrative falcon racing industry in the United Arab…

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  1. If this project was to protect an endangered species it would have my complete backing. However, this is a clear profit making exercise using conservation as an excuse. The fact this is a ‘multi-million pound industry’ tells me the people involved are not in this for animal welfare or conservation but profit! They do this in African countries … it is called ‘caged’ hunting. Breeding animals for trophy hunters to pay to shoot. Is this so called ‘business’ any different? Cornwall should be rejecting these types of businesses, not encouraging them.

  2. So they keep birds,who in the wild would range for miles, and breed them in cramped conditions and then send them to a country with dubious animal welfare regulations. The only good thing is if it stops capture of wild birds but two wrongs don’t make a right. Why can’t we just appreciate wild animals for what they are – not what humans decide to make them. To me this is just another circus act and immoral. Also, we know that people who breed pheasants also have a huge impact on the wild bird population ( even deliberately killing them) and also the whole local ecology.

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