Coming to Cornwall: no spaceport, but lots of spin. Taxpayers will be asked to subsidise Richard Branson

Posted By on 15th July 2018

15th July 2018 By Graham Smith All eyes are on the Farnborough Air Show, where the Cornwall Spaceport project has advertised “a bold announcement” at 12 noon tomorrow (Monday.)  But…

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  2. The Council would be far better subsidising / investing in established Cornish businesses to help them compete in an ever more competitive world market and maintain / expand employment opportunities in the county.

  3. Why should Cornwall Council even consider subsidising the multi billionaire Richard Branson? If Cornwall is right for him, he will invest appropriately. If not, forget him.

  4. Taxpayers contribute = NO thanks. absolutely NO.
    If other bidders regard Mr Branson as a liability, he should regard C.C for sure as a liability, since they spend taxpayers money in going to France at a cost of over £46,000.
    liability !

  5. We seriously need a say in this. If we are to accept cut backs in street cleaning, road maintenance, library services and, even, social care, we cannot be expected to fund a megalomaniac millionaire’s ambitions. It is time Cornwall Council realised that their responsibility is to the people and the environment of Cornwall, not Branson, Smit or any of the other so called entrepreneurs they love to fawn around!!

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