Call for £10 million year to fund Cornish media service

Posted By on 20th July 2020

By Rashleigh MacFarlane Cornwall should have its own independent public service broadcaster, funded by a £10 million annual licence fee, according to a report commissioned by Cornwall Council. A central…

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  1. The councils “Department for meaningful cultural stuff” is mentioned in the article. Absolutely hilarious. Come on Rashleigh you just made that up, ……please please tell us you made it up!

    • “The Department for Meaningful Cultural Stuff” is the actual logo on the official council-sponsored document -

      • I believe that the title is borrowed from the People’s Republic of China. No doubt it is understood by the Chinese but translation doesn’t do it justice (not sure if that is the correct word to use!).

  2. 110 pages report and now updated. How much of our money is Cornwall Council spending on this and other ludicrous ideas drummed up on whims of fantasy?
    £10 million pounds annual licence fee … no, thank you.

  3. What an unnecessary waste of money. Personally, although a Cornish man, I consider that costly promotion of what is a “dead” language by CC is an abuse of public money. BBC Cornwall does an excellent job at no cost to the Council. Perhaps they hate the, usually well-well-desrved, criticism from Laurence Reed and others?

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