Bucaneers and Pirate Ports: time for Cornwall’s LEP to re-think its strategy on Economic Zones

Posted By on 20th July 2018

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  1. It is clear that in the past Enterprise Zones have not served the UK well. Could they work in the future? Only if we learn the lessons of why they failed in the past.

    Has Cornwall’s LEP (Cornwall Council) learnt anything from the history of Enterprise Zones?

    To be fair with Marine & Aerohub, they have tried to attract industries not operational in Cornwall to establish bases here, supported by our natural environment. If these initiatives had worked they could have led to good employment and economic prospects for the county. The problem is on both fronts they have not done the necessary research into the technology or markets. Instead they have gambled millions on what are effectively completely unproven R&D projects.

    There are of course two “Food Enterprise Zones” as well. With the idea to nurture Cornish businesses to strengthen the Cornish brand in the Food & Drink sector. In principle a very good idea and a different use of EZs. The choices of the locations for the Cornish FEZs however raise the eyebrows. One would not expect a new Ginsters to emerge from either.

  2. Love the humour in this article. Did something to relieve the gloom of the gross injustice of these systems. I think they were, and probably still are, used in the emerging economies e.g. Mexico, where MNCs could move in virtually free, employ cheap labour, flout human rights and trash the environment. I think they were called free trade zones – to be honest I don’t see a lot of difference from the LEP proposals esp post Brexit!

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