Brexit: The stark reality for Cornwall’s fishing and farming sectors laid bare in new report

Posted By on 7th December 2020

By Julia Penhaligon The social and economic impact of Brexit on Cornwall has been described in detail in a new 9-page report coming before local councillors and officials on Friday…

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  1. Days have gone by, and there is still no sign of a workable settlement. Industry professionals and dedicated public servants on both sides of the Channel have been patiently negotiating for months, but their efforts will be at severe risk as long as the present gang of spivs, fanatics, and incompetents remain in charge at the top.

  2. A clear, concise, and *very* sobering account of the state of play. All the signs are that the UK Government will, once again, through the Cornish fishing community to the wolves. But at least they haven’t sent a gunboat this time to threaten us with bombardment if we don’t toe the line.

  3. This has come straight from the swamp. It is very obvious to any person with an actual brain, that the swamp is terrified of having to actually have to work for us, rather than just doing as the EU jack boated brigade instruct them to do, without having to actually do any work themselves. I would remind everyone that this country lived quite happily for thousands of years before this EU nonsense ever existed. It was the EU that stole all our fishing industry, and as much of our food farming as they could get their hands on. Can we all wake up to the fact that we do not need the EU. We are an island and can sell our goods to anywhere on the planet. We have over two million unemployed people who mostly would be quite capable of working on the land. We have bred a youth to not know how to work, but only play with a useless computer.
    Remember the Germans wished to put the whole of the east of Europe into slavery, or they murdered them. We must not forget that they no doubt still wish to rule the world. And we stopped them. They still wish to keep us under their control, we must tell them to go and play elsewhere we do not need them. But they need our good food.

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