Branson’s rocket reaches orbit for the first time – making aeronautical engineering history, and dramatically boosting hopes for a Newquay spaceport

Posted By on 17th January 2021

By Graham Smith Richard Branson appears to have successfully launched his rocket into space - the first time anyone in the world has ever used a horizontal launch technique based…

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  1. It is most probably all the rubbish that is in our atmosphere circling our poor old planet which is causing our climate problems. We should not be permitting any of these things to be polluting our heavens. We also have far too many planes polluting us as well.
    Human beings do not seem to understand that it is what is flying above us which is contaminating us all. The same as all the other things that the human being has done to harm everything on the planet.

  2. As at 22:28 (17th January 2021) Virgin Orbit (@Virgin_Orbit) reports:

    Payloads successfully deployed into our target orbit! We are so, so proud to say LauncherOne has now completed its first mission into space, carrying 9 CubeSat missions into Low Earth Orbit for our friends @NASA.

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