Branson’s rocket finally leaves the ground – but spaceflight is still some way off, and the clock is ticking

Posted By on 20th November 2018

20th November 2018 By Graham Smith Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit satellite system has finally left the ground, to the relief of council and business officials in Cornwall who hope the…

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  1. I can’t even be bothered to read this.
    Last Saturday, in Truro,a large crowd is us gathered on Lemon Quay to peacefully protest about Climate Change. A similar event happened in Bristol and London was virtually brought to a standstill with the number of people who recognise climate change as the greatest threat facing humanity and our fellow species. And yet an incompetent business man who has somehow amassed a fortune grabs the headlines with some ridiculous notion of space tourism. That man and others like him are the very people who are preventing our taking action, the rich oligarchs have governments in their pockets and, as a result, our planet will fry. So excuse me for not getting excited about this and, whilst the media continues to court his ilk and ignore people who are actually trying to make a difference, we don’t stand a bloody chance!!

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