Branson concedes defeat in the race to test launch his satellite rocket this year

Posted By on 31st October 2018

31st October 2018 By Peter Tremayne Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit project has been delayed again, with its first test flight not now expected until 1st January 2019.  Cornwall Council is…

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  1. I wouldn’t be too negative on this. Elon Musk was talking about getting a couple of people into space this year, but has probably had other things on his mind. He’s just developing a rocket approach.

    Branson looks like the only significant competitor at this stage, and his approach, involving conventional take offs and landings is a genuine alternative approach, and it strikes me as making more sense than going for vertical rocket launches. He had put $600 million into this (at the end of last year), so I don’t see him as just dabbling at this.

    So, there may be delays, but I see no danger of Branson suddenly throwing in the towel. I also don’t see any other challenger – apart from Musk – which is anywhere close to where Branson has got to.

    My verdict: keep your negativity under control on this – and, yes, Cornwall should not commit serious funds until it’s clear that Branson has moved closer to success

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