Bodmin’s roadworks update: new roundabout at Callywith Gate

15th February 2017
By Graham Smith

Bodmin’s roadworks have passed a significant milestone with the completion of the Higher Bore Street section.  Meanwhile at the other end of town, another major project is about to get underway with the construction of a new roundabout junction at Callywith Gate.

The Higher Bore Street works, which have involved widening the footway, improving visibility at the junction with Midway Road and installing a toucan crossing, mean that the project is now one third complete – and more than two weeks ahead of schedule.

The Bodmin town centre part of the scheme has also seen the final layer of stonework laid at Church Square.  Between now and the end of May, CORMAC crews will lay more than 17,000 individual bricks at Church Square. They will also lay around 7,000 kerb stones - if laid end to end, the kerb stones would stretch to almost 4.5 miles.

Alex Hoffen, Project Manager for CORMAC, said: "This scheme has involved a lot of work 'behind the scenes' with utility companies, such as gas, water and electricity to either divert services or work around services.

"As such, there has been a lot of careful construction taking place here to ensure we did not disrupt supplies to local homes. The scheme was originally planned for completion at the end of February, so clearly we're very pleased to have been able to finish more than a fortnight earlier."

At Callywith Gate, a new roundabout will be built just off the A30 to cater for demand from the new Truro and Penwith College campus (currently under construction).  The new junction will also provide access to existing and future developments at Callywith Gate, allocated through the Local Plan.

Cornwall Council said that as well as building the new roundabout, the scheme will also include design features which will create a safer arrival into Bodmin to encourage drivers leaving the A30 to reduce their speed along Launceston Road.  There will also be improved access for pedestrians and cyclists accessing local employment, housing, education and recreational facilities.

One aspect of the overall Bodmin project is to create a cycle link between Lanhydrock, the Camel Trail and Cardinham Woods, connecting Bodmin to these cycle hubs which are popular with thousands of visitors each year.

Cornwall councillor Ann Kerridge said: "I'm delighted that this Higher Bore Street work has been completed early and want to thank the people of Bodmin for their patience. I know people have been delayed while these works were carried out and will be glad that this piece of work has now been completed."

Cornwall Council has offered this update on the Bodmin roadworks:

Callywith Gate

  • 30mph temporary speed limit now in place.
  • Earthworks, drainage and the stripping of top soil.
  • Construction of an infiltration pond, which will act as a repository for all drainage to run into.



The proposed new roundabout at Callywith Gate

Church Square

  • Works will continue on the structural concrete slab formation, with the focus now on the non-trafficked areas.
  • Once the structural base has been finalised, we can then begin laying the stone paving, focussing initially on the trafficked carriageway areas, followed by footways, which makes up a large portion of this scheme.

Dennison Road

  • Continuing to excavate and lay the base bitmac/concrete layer for both the paved granite crossings and also the new kerb lines. This will include the removal of existing kerbs.
  • Construction of granite crossings started the beginning of February.

Higher Bore Street

  • As we move to the final stages of this scheme, we will be undertaking road surfacing works along the whole of the site.
  • This will be followed by road markings, before we begin installing the new toucan crossing. This will then be commisioned, and brings the scheme to a close, early this month.

Launceston Road and Priory Road Roundabout

  • Works have begun on widening the footways running up Launceston Road, which will continue throughout the month.
  • As we near the final stages of completing the new drainage network, we will be installing the drainage crossings on the southern side, and leading into Priory Park.

Priory Park

  • Mid-February we will be laying concrete path edgers in preparation for surfacing works to start on the footpaths.
  • To allow final connection to the new roundabout drainage system, we will then lay the final manhole at the gate leading into the park from Priory Road.

Turf Street and Mount Folly

  • With our night time operations on the entrance to Priory car park, and works outside the toilets complete, we will now move onto daytime operations in this area.
  • Kerb realignments and footway widening along Turf Street.
  • Day time shift work to follow on Mount Folly including; site clearance, removal of traffic signals (with temporary traffic management to replace), and excavation in preparation for the granite paving.