Biffa set to keep its contract to empty Cornwall’s dustbins

Posted By on 6th January 2020

By Anne North There are signs that Biffa has retained its £200 million contract to empty Cornwall’s dustbins. Although Cornwall Council has yet to make any formal announcement, ahead of…

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  1. If this is correct,(which is highly likely). Biffa and Suez were the only companies who had the capability to undertake this scale of contract. They held all the cards and had the council over a barrel. What has been agreed is to pay more and get less. Of course there are some marginal improvements and hopefully the staff will get the Foundation living wage as a minimum salary which is positive. This is a contract worth £200m at least 10% will be profit which goes to shareholders and out of Cornwall whilst services are cut. Former districts ran succesful in-house services as did Cornwall council for a time.Why was not n-house ruled out when numerous councils up and down the country are doing that and saving money?

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