Battle lines drawn as councillors challenge “secretive” County Hall, wondering how elected cabinet members can reclaim power from unelected senior officials

Posted By on 31st July 2018

31st July 2018 By Graham Smith There are signs of a new power struggle developing between Cornwall’s elected councillors and their full-time officials at County Hall. An extraordinary meeting of…

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  1. REPEAT = The leader of C.C and the chief Executive should resign immediately after spending TaxPayers money in going to France.

  2. I think this is about time!! It is scandalous and I am glad Cllrs have reminded the officers what the core role of the council is – public services. Whilst I know little of the private sector, as the senior Cllr pointed out. I am sure shareholders get much more chance to oversee the management than our Cllrs, elected by the people of Cornwall get. And I wouldn’t trust John Betty further than I could throw him!!

  3. I draw attention, as an example, to the Essex Scheme of Delegation for Financial Management document:
    Page 4 Section 5:
    “Officers do not have the power to:
    ƒ make changes to policies relating to fees, charges or concessions,
    ƒ make decisions on the use of permanent savings in a budget,
    ƒ approve the making of an order for the compulsory acquisition of land, or
    ƒ approve the acquisition of land in advance of requirements.”
    Prevention of potential mismanagement and, particularly, fraud of public funds must rank utmost in the affairs of Cornwall Council. This responsibility lies with the elected Councillors.

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