Anger at Edward Hain hospital’s continued closure, as cabinet member tells health chiefs “you have got to be off your heads”

Posted By on 6th June 2018

6th June 2018 By Richard Whitehouse A Cornwall Council cabinet member told health bosses “you have got be off your head” about how they are considering the future of a…

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  1. “You are probably right that we need to make a case one way or another. It could take a year, but if it gives the right outcome from it then it will be worth it.”
    Worth it to who? I doubt she is referring to the patients who will be forced to go elsewhere, or to the balance sheet? When are they going to start putting care first? Shutting services is not the answer. Meanwhile, here in North Cornwall we continue to be ignored.

  2. Please is it possible to ask the CCG, CCC Cabinet –

    Is the closure of St.Ives, Fowey and other smaller community hospitals a decision being implemented by the Sustainability & Transformation Partnership (STP)?

    Who makes up the STP? How much are they planning to cut (sorry Efficiently Save) from the Cornwall budget.

    Why is a Cabinet member so surprised at the lack of clarity concerning Edward Hain?

    Is the same Cabinet member happy for Cornwall CC to be part of the now infamous Integrated Strategic Commissioning Function that must have some say in this St.Ives situation?

    What has been done since closure to rectify the supposed “safety concerns”?

    What has been discussed at Cabinet level regarding the closure of small but vital hospitals in Cornwall?

    Are the Edward Hain Support Group in offering £600,000 quite bloody mad? Keep your money!

    • The STP morphed into Shaping Our Future without further public consultation despite promising to at the beginning of this year.
      They need to save some £200million+ by 2020 and the main way to do so is by closing community hospitals without any warning, consultation or impact assessment. Obviously shutting community beds increases bed blocking at Treliske because the private sector is unwilling and/or unable to assist. Every patient gets assessed for need and the private sector home managers look at the lists every day, see what has been assessed for a patient, do their own assessment of what is REALLY needed and refuse beds for patients they know they are being stitched up with due to insufficient care needs being itemised in the care plan. Its a constant game they play. Only the patients suffer so its a win win for the system!

  3. Hahahahahahahahaha.
    What a shambles the NHS is in. The council are supposed to be interested in taking over yet the scrutiny committees actions show they are no better than any of the other NHS bodies in Cornwall.
    How much has the building deteriorated in two and a half years of neglect? How much more will it deteriorate before a decision is made, let alone any action taken? How much will the market value be affected if it is decidied to sell it off after years of non use?
    Shambles is inadequate. This is an OMNISHAMBLES.

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