All six of Cornwall’s MPs voted in favour of EU trade deal, despite pleas from fishing communities

Posted By on 31st December 2020

By Julia Penhaligon All six of Cornwall’s MPs voted in favour of the European Union trade deal yesterday (Wednesday) helping the government to a 521-73 victory.  Cornwall’s fishing communities had…

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  1. This vote has nothing to do with politics, but a lot to do with common sense. Today it takes time to re organize, recruit, and train, new staff in the job, and to build the right boats to be doing the right jobs. You can not get fish from sitting at a computer. It is good old fashioned hard work, which many of the youth of today are terrified of. They are not the same as the youth of the 1940s and 1950s when we did as we were told and got on with the job. In those days one could build a good boat in a few weeks. With all the legalities of today to get ready to go back to sea, will take years. We will also need to enlarge our military to keep us safe from the EU crooks. Time to bring back national service and teach the youth of today what the word real work means. Perhaps we should put these useless teachers to work, the shock of having to actually work, and not just brain wash children to not to be able to, would kill them.

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