A view of Mevagissey, from Tunbridge Wells

Posted By on 21st November 2019

Dear Sir / Madam,

My wife and I spent a most enjoyable week in Cornwall in September, re-tracing our childhood steps from years ago.

One of the "picture postcard" haunts we headed for was Mevagissey.

I would be interested to know if any of your contributors have expressed dismay, as I do now, in respect of the notice so boldly displayed on the dis-used toilet facilities located by the harbour itself : THESE SUB-STANDARD TOILETS HAVE BEEN CLOSED FOR 8 YEARS. The proclamation's tone sounds almost boastful !

Does this show Cornwall in its best light...... ? I think not. What impression does this give tourists - especially all those foreign visitors the county so eagerly awaits every year ?

I have written to the Parish Clerk, Cornwall Council ( "Your concerns will be forwarded to the Environment Team" ) and the Harbour Trustees - who I am advised were responsible for installing the sign in the first place. As I write, I can only say that all is quiet on the Western Front !

Failing refurbishment or demolition of the structure - or re-birth with an alternative use - an up-graded sign in the form of an apology would provide much more acceptable "kerb appeal". Is there anybody out there that might share my views ?

Yours faithfully,

Paul Richardson    Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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  1. I wonder if this is a hangover from the debacle where Cornwall Council gave responsibility for some toilets to towns who picked up the running costs and then got stung by Cornwall for “Business Rates” on the loos – which of course made them uneconomic to run, so many were closed.
    I believe the rules were changed and business rates can be waived on loos, so perhaps there is hope for the full bladders of Mevagissey

  2. The sign is certainly somewhat extraordinary. As the one described by the correspondent denotes disuse for 8 years, does this imply that a new sign is erected each year and are the Harbour Trustees going for an eventual entry into the Guinness Book of Records?

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