A funny old game: how many people will be watching football in Truro’s new mini stadium six months from now?

Posted By on 28th February 2024

By Peter Tremayne

County Hall’s “business plan” for Truro City’s new home ground at Langarth has taken another dent as the team last night (Tuesday) slumped to its seventh successive game without a win.

Cornwall Council plans to spend a total of £11 million on the new ground, which is supposed to pass a FA pitch inspection in only four weeks.  There is currently not a single blade of grass on the site.

The ground has to be ready for the start of new season in August.

Truro City has not responded to Cornwall Reports’s request for a comment about the current state of the Langarth site.

The commercial case for this public “investment” was that Truro City will in future draw large crowds to its 3,000-capacity new mini-stadium.  But the risks of gambling on so-called "economic development" which relies on something as unpredictable as sport are now becoming ever-more obvious.

The council's business plan said:  “It is anticipated that (last season’s) promotion will increase crowd numbers significantly particularly when competing with regional teams such as Yeovil, Bath, Taunton, Torquay, Weston Super Mare and Weymouth where crowds are likely to reach in excess of 2,000 supporters.”

In fact, average attendances in recent years have seldom exceeded 200.  Sometimes only a few dozen ultra-loyal fans have turned out.  The team’s recent dismal performances on the field are unlikely to inspire more interest.   It is very difficult to see evidence of any revenue to support the council’s business plan.

Last night’s defeat at Welling United means Truro is now only one point above the relegation zone.  Far from winning another promotion, there is now a very real risk that Truro City will be back in the Southern League, or worse, next season.


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  1. I ask once again, why do our 84+ elected councillors put up with such mis-management of our taxes on the, which in my poinion, is the disasterours Langarth Garden Village project which has led to council tax payers concerns and suspicions of mal-administration being reported to Rt Hon Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Communities.

    • The current batch of Cornwall councillors are a disgrace.

      I suspect they lack the courage to face down the senior officer clique who seem to browbeat and bully them to the point where with a few notable exceptions they have become worse than useless.

  2. Madness! They could have had the Stadium for Cornwall where thousands would watch the Cornish Pirates – remember the Harlequin’s match at Kenwyn? The 6500 stadium was a sell out, and every pub and hotel did amazing business all weekend!

    • What a great pity that such umbrage was taken by the Pirates and their supporters when one of us opposed to Langarth and the sheer dishonesty of the ”FREE STADIUM” scam that got the dodgy developer exactly what he wanted at such a massive cost to Cornish council tax payers.

      Over a decade on the embarrassing apology for a stadium is bogged down in the wet while it is doubtful if the football team it is being provided for will even exist to use it by the time it eventually opens.

      The whole tawdry disreputable Langarth fiasco should be the subject of a public enquiry to find out where the bodies responsible for it are buried.

      • The Stadium was a great idea. A huge opportunity seemingly lost.

        I live in Kenwyn Church Rd, which is just a stones throw from where the Cornish Pirates had their short-lived stay in Truro. I shall always remember when the mighty rugby club Harlequins came down to play. Every hotel in Truro was completely sold out for the weekend. Local pubs, shops and restaurants did some of the best business of the year. Not only did Harlequin supporters come down to watch the match, but many brought their partners and family for the weekend to enjoy the many other delights of Cornwall. This happened to a lesser extent in several of the other “big” matches that were held there. All this largely out of the main tourist season!

        This was a golden opportunity for Truro to gain a Stadium for Cornwall. Once again Truro would be able to benefit from large scale matches brought by the Cornish Pirates. In addition, as Truro City Football Club moves up the leagues (which is their intention) they will also be able to host similar matches there. Rock concerts and other such events could be held there in the summer. Add in a business conference centre and hospitality training for our youngsters and you have a no-brainer decision!

        It absolutely astounds me to hear some people still objecting to this! We have potentially lost something that would be of untold benefit to our City. Devon has three sports stadiums (Exeter two, Plymouth one). Why shouldn’t Cornwall have just one?? What is it that makes certain people want to keep Cornwall as a backwater where our youngsters have to go elsewhere to achieve their ambitions?

        Our local councillors who have let this opportunity slip away deserve never to be forgiven.

        • I hear what you say Hugh but I think you misunderstand why most of us are considered by you as “objectors “. It’s not so much the Stadium itself but the way the Council has conducted itself!
          1) Having attended most of the inaugural consultation meetings some of us were concerned that the minutes of said meetings didn’t reflect the actual events .
          2) The case for the Stadium could not be financially supported by private enterprise.
          3) The Council then stepped in and paid an exorbitant amount of money to a property speculator who laughed all the way to his bank and local tax payers were left to fund it.
          4)The actual site chosen was only decided by developers who forced the Council’s hands to grant planning permissions on valuable agricultural land when it would have been far more beneficial to have used a “brownfield site “
          5) The Council subsequently purchased many more acres around the Stadium site at again exorbitant prices at the point that quite a few developers were actually going into bankruptcy because of the latest financial constraints. The Council intends to build 3,500 houses which will NOT alleviate the housing crisis in Cornwall because they are going to be too expensive for local people to afford. Any house on todays market requires at least two well paid incomes to be affordable which would require, therefore, 7,000 jobs!

          I could go on but I would only bore you or provoke you which is seriously not my intention! I just feel we have all been badly let down!

          • I agree with you that the Council has totally mismanaged the whole situation, and has let down Truro (and Cornwall) very badly.

            However, the fact remains that they are spending money (millions??) on a football club that normally attracts perhaps 300 spectators. Whereas they could have spent that money on a rugby club (and the football club, and hospitality training and concerts) that would attract thousands of spectators!

  3. The whole debacle is laughable but not at all funny! It will be interesting how the Kremlin is going to justify the overspend once Cormac, if they ever do, finish the project!

    • Cormac = cannot organise road maintenance across Cornwall or much else for that matter.

      The curse placed on Langarth will see to that as the Kremlin sinks deeper and deeper into the mud hole it has dug for itself with Cormac assistance.

      The one thing they all excel at is very costly very embarrassing fcuk ups with monotonous regularity.

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