A carbon-neutral Cornwall by 2030? Ask not what your council can do for you – ask what you can do for your council

Posted By on 27th December 2019

By Graham Smith Cornwall Council is calling on residents to make New Year’s resolutions to cut their carbon in 2020 and help tackle the climate emergency.  In theory, County Hall…

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  1. Cornwall Council climate emergency, someone is having a laugh. How can the council be serious when it builds and intends to build more houses that overloads services, infrastructure and turns roads into car parks, destroys greenfield food producing land, launches rockets etc into space, increase flights and operate a polluting incinerator that pumps
    thousands of tonnes of CO2 etc and dangerous emissions daily into the atmosphere, and destroys valuable resources that took energy to produce. How can this ever be carbon neutral, pure hypocrisy I say.
    Yet another unitary white elephant in the KK reign.

  2. Cornwall has amazing I potential to generate ALL of its own electricity needs and export to the rest of the region, but certain cornwall councillors, most notably the now MP for St Austell and Newquay, who has stated publicly that his proudest achievement whilst on Cornwall Council was to put a moratorium on further wind farm development !!!’, block the necessary action. We could do this to the benefit of both our environment and economy but it needs the council to gets its policies right and learn the principles. And as for the Eden Project suggestions – 10 years ago the Transition movement partnered with the Diocese of Truro to highlight the issues prior to the Copenhagen Meeting of the Parties ( UN Climate Change Committee). We had people cycling through the UK to deliver signed declarations by Town mayors, a gig team at Copenhagen and, nearer home, 10 Pledges for people to look at and consider applying to their lives. They are still live today. Sadly, I fear the time when individual action is simply not enough but it is vitally important. CC is not going to achieve net zero carbon by 2030 unless it is brave, imaginative and listens to the people who gave up their time to advise them. No disrespect to the Eden Project but it is not a carbon neutral project and there are plenty of talented, skilled people willing to help, as long as they get a proper audience and respect.

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